Minimum Driver age is 25 on all cars. Hire from 1 day to 12 months.
Drivers must have held a licence for 5 years and have no more than 6 points.
We own our entire fleet and are not agents or brokers.

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Rolls Royce Hire London

To drive the majesty that is a Rolls Royce is something special. Incredible craftsmanship and dedication to brilliance make these cars as good as they have ever been.

Inside they are magnificent spaces. They are more that just a car, they are a safe haven away from the turbulence of the modern road where a driver can take them selves on a journey of personal discovery. Steeping in history, they offer unrivalled luxury and are amazing cars to drive and be driven in.

Rolls Royce Hire London


Rolls Royce is also moving with the times and producing new and exciting cars. One such car is the Rolls Royce Wraith, the most powerful car in their history. This is also the closest they have come to producing an out and out supercar. Powerful and with a real supercar ride and handling, the Wraith is outstanding in every way.

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Step inside and you will feel like a billionaire. The inside offers all the style and luxury you want from a traditional Rolls Royce with hand crafted elegance which is simply stunning.

Behind the wheel is where the surprise really is. The Wraith offers a 0-60 time of just 4.6 seconds putting it alongside lighter and supposedly more pure outright sports cars. The driving experience is that of a supercar. It is great to drive quickly and responds in way which is authoritative and direct. The power is there when you want it and all this is achieved with the understated style and elegance of a Rolls Royce. It is truly incredible such a driving experience can be obtained with such little drama.

Rolls Royce  Rent London


With 4 large seats, the Wraith is also eminently comfortable and practical. This makes it great for special occasions and weddings. So if you have something special to do and need a special car in which to do it, then get in touch.

Rolls Royce Hire London

Rolls Royce Logo

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