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All prices are fully inclusive of VAT and insurance. Minimum age of hire is 25.

48 Hours (min) Mon 3pm - Fri 11am Fri 12pm - Mon 2pm 7 Days Month
250 inc miles 400 inc miles 400 inc miles 850 inc miles 2000 inc miles
£1200 £1700 £1700 £2700 £6750
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Bentley GTC Speed Specification
Engine: 6 Litre W12 0-60: 4.4 Top Speed: 198 BHP:552
Gearbox: Full Auto or Paddle Shift Retail Price: £197,000 Seats: 4 Colour:White

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Bentley GTC Hire Information

The Bentley GTC drives like no other car, and its hard imagine a car with this weight and refinement to have so much speed. Our Bentley GTC hire car is quite an experience. On first entry via the keyless locking driver recognition system the cabin floods the senses with touches of leather and aluminium. All designed to make this Bentley Cabriolet hire car something special, Bentley have gone to town making sure the driver feels amazing. Externally, the shape of the Bentley Continental GTC is lovely and the performance is nothing short of amazing for a car so full of style and gadgets. With the option of the top down, this Bentley GTC rental car is perfect to hire for special occasions. This car seats 4 adults and will propel them to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds and up to 198 mph, courtesy of the W12, 6 litre 552 bhp engine, that gives off an incredible deep roar not heard with any other car on the fleet
Rent our Bentley GTC hire car in London and the UK to experience one of the best engine sounds h3

The Bentley GTC hire car we have for rent has an amazing sounding soundtrack powered by a 6.0 litre W12 engine that is hand built in the factory at Crewe. There are around 50 engine technicians currently working in the factory each one creating a little bit of history. The engine on our Bentley GTC rental car produces 552 BHP giving it a top speed of 197 mph and getting to 0-60 in less than 4.5 seconds, more than enough to have plenty of fun on the roads giving it the same figures as an Aston Martin DB9 but a more luxury. The engine is equally at home on London streets as it is on the Essex and Kent’s countryside roads.

Chassis and handling on our Bentley GTC Hire car

The Bentley GTC we have is slightly heavier than the Bentley Continental GT due to the extra weight added to strengthen the chassis and is therefore a few tenths slower to 60 mph, but to be honest you would never know when driving it, in fact the cabriolet will feel faster as the wind rushes over your head. The Bentley GTC hire car we offer consists of an aluminium chassis with the car stuck to the tarmac by 21" x 9.5" alloy wheels at the front 21" x 11.5" at the back.

Bentley GTC Hire Options

Our Bentley GTC hire options are very flexible. We are able to offer for hire our Bentley GTC for just 24 hours if you require it for your weekday wedding car hire solution, or perhaps you may enjoy hiring it for a few days either side of the event, whether it be a 4 day mid-week hire or 4 day weekend rental so you can really get a true supercar experience. We also have some great deals and prices on a weeks' Bentley Continental GTC hire, or perhaps you have recently sold your own supercar and need to hire our Bentley GTC rental car for a period while you wait for your new supercar to be delivered. We have also recently seen a trend for exotic car hire to be utilised for prom car hire. Whatever your reason for hiring, PB Supercar Hire has the supercar for you.

Hire our Bentley GTC or view our other supercar hire vehicles to choose your favourite supercar for whatever the occasion, we are specialists in Aston Martin HireAudi HireBentley HireFerrari HireJaguar Hire, Lamborghini HireMaserati HireMcLaren HireMercedes HirePorsche Hire, and Rolls Royce Hire and will always be able to offer you the highest level of service throughout London and the UK.

Hiring a Bentley GTC versus ownership

Most of the business we do at PB Supercar Hire with our Bentley GTC hire car is with short term rentals ranging from 1-7 days usually for use as a wedding car, which is great for a one off hire experience. However recently we have seen an increasing amount of enquiries for long term supercar hire and short term supercar lease options ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months on our Bentley GTC hire car. PB Supercar Hire offer great long term supercar hire deals and short term leases on our prestige car hire solutions. If you are looking for this type of sports car hire you will usually be accustomed to the pitfalls and problems with ownership, especially in London. By hiring our Bentley GTC rental car for a longer period you will relieve yourself of the burdens of maintenance, insurance, tax, mot, tyres, finance costs and the all important depreciation. Just because you can afford an Audi R8 Cabriolet does not mean you have the money to lose thousands when it comes time to sell.

We have carefully worked out that hiring our Bentley GTC rental car for a period of up to 12 months will work out financially better than buying one for the same period. If however you intend to keep the supercar longer than 12 months it is better sense to buy or lease one on a traditional 36 month deal. Our supercar hire prices are guaranteed to be the cheapest in the UK, and we even offer a supercar hire club membership scheme to a regular customers.

Quite often when you buy a Bentley GTC, it sits in your garage unused for days or weeks at a time, costing money and depreciating. PB Supercar Hire has seen a large rise in this type of luxury car hire customer over the past few years, who have now chosen to sell their own supercar and regularly choose our Bentley GTC hire options as and when they need a car often for a few weeks at a time. If however you simply require a car as a spur of the moment idea we have some great last minute supercar hire offers available.

Our Bentley GTC hire car and Bentley’s History

The company that would go on to become one of the most famous car brands in the world and produce the most successful GT car of all time- which is the Bentley GTC hire car we have, was founded by brothers Walter and Horace Bentley in 1919. The Bentleys had experience in designing cars in London before the First World War, and once peacetime resumed they set about creating their own unique cars, using aluminium instead of iron to create lighter pistons and designing innovative engines.

The brothers wasted no time in entering their designs into races, and their cars quickly earned a good reputation for their durability.
Bentley continued to punch above their weight in races, but struggled financially, with debts mounting and projects going underfunded. Their fortunes were improved when one of their racing drivers, Woolf Barnato, agreed to take over the business.

Having inherited his wealthy father's fortunes at just two years old when his father died mysteriously at sea, Barnato had the financial clout to take Bentley to the next level. He soon invested significant amounts and paid off Bentley's debts.

With the company's future secured, Walter Bentley was able to design his next prototype. The result was the creation of a group of successful racing drivers, Barnato included, who became known as 'The Bentley Boys' and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race four years running.
With debts again piling up and Barnato this time unable to pay them, an auction developed as investors bid to take over the struggling company. A late bid from a mysterious company called the 'British Central Equitable Trust' blew all other offers out of the water.

It was only revealed after the takeover had been completed that this company was a front for Rolls Royce, one of Bentley's rivals. Fearful that new Bentleys would outperform Rolls Royce's star model, the Phantom II, they had decided to remove the risk by buying out their rival.

While Walter continued to work under the new regime for several years, he left in 1935 after becoming disillusioned with Rolls Royce. However, Bentleys produced after the takeover incorporated some of Rolls Royce's best features too, helping Bentley to become a well-established and popular brand.
Indeed, all Bentleys produced between the takeover and 2004, a period of more than 70 years, used a Rolls Royce chassis. Rolls Royce also introduced the "silent sports car" slogan that stuck with Bentley until the 1950s.

Bentley's well-known association with Crewe began in the build-up to the Second World War, when Rolls Royce, looking to build a new factory, were partially persuaded by the fact that as a small town in the north-east, Crewe was unlikely to be bombed during the war. Bentley's headquarters remain in Crewe today.

By the 1970s and 1980s, Bentley had declined in popularity and sales dropped to the point that just 5% of cars sold by Rolls Royce were Bentleys. However, with cars like the luxury Mulsanne, Bentley was able to gradually rebuild its reputation for high-performance, high-quality cars and sales improved. By the early 1990s, Rolls Royce was selling as many Bentleys as Rolls Royce’s.
Bentley changed hands again at the turn of the century, with Volkswagen taking the wheel. While the majority of cars like our Bentley GTC hire car are still manufactured in Crewe, some are now built in Germany. The first Bentley released under Volkswagen ownership was one of its most popular of all time: the Continental GTC.

We are often asked by hirers that if they were to buy our Bentley GTC hire car what would be the top tips on maintain it?

1. Keep our Bentley GTC hire car clean.
Face it, if you buy our Bentley GTC rental car its is going to attract attention, so you may as well make sure that it looks its best at all times. But keeping your supercar clean isn’t just about the aesthetics: it also helps protect the finish from damage caused by dirt and grit from the road.
Unless you have a Range Rover or another off-road 4x4, the first thing you can do to keep your car clean is minimise how dirty it gets by avoiding driving it in adverse weather conditions. When it comes to cleaning your Bentley GTC steer away from automatic car washes. Instead, have your Bentley GTC valeted by a company who you can trust to take the same level of care that you would or take the time to clean your supercar yourself.

2. Know the service schedule
Your Bentley GTC will come with a service schedule, but it’s up to you to keep an eye on the trip meter and take the car in to the garage when the time comes. Scheduled services can range from an oil change to a complete engine re-fit, and are never particularly cheap. Servicing a Bentley GTC requires specialist tools so make sure that you always use an approved and trustworthy mechanic.
Tyres are one of the biggest costs your will occur in maintaining a supercar. Not only do they wear out quickly, but replacements can be very costly. Check the condition of your tyres regularly and avoid the temptation to carry on running a set of tyres after they are due to be replaced.

3. Keep a detailed paper-trail
Make sure that you keep a detailed paper-trail of any and all work that you have done on our Bentley GTC rental car once you have bought it from us, as if you ever wish to sell your vehicle having a complete set of paperwork will help you get the full value of your car. Second hand car buyers will want to know the history of the vehicle so that they can make sure that it has been well looked after.

4. Drive your Bentley GTC regularly
Supercars are works of art, but they’re designed to be driven, not just looked at. Leaving your Bentley GTC in a garage for long periods of time is a recipe for high maintenance costs and the disappointment of having it not start up when you finally decide to take it for a spin.
Not only will the battery in your supercar go flat if you don’t drive it for an extended period of time but the fuel, oil, and lubricants in the engine can start to degrade. If you are not able to drive your supercar for a little while, if the weather is too poor for example, make sure that you at least turn the engine over from time to time.

5. Rent a Bentley GTC instead!
Owning a Bentley GTC is everyone’s dream come true, but can be extremely stressful and extremely expensive. Therefore we advise the best way forward is to utilise our services and take advantage of the various Bentley Continental GTC hire options , and Bentley GTC rental plans that are on offer. This is a great way to get all the benefits of driving a Bentley GTC without the hassle of actually owning one.

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