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Exotic Car Hire in London

Exotic Car Hire

Exotic cars are a symbol of luxury, style and high end performance. Supercars represent the absolute pinnacle of consumer engineering and design and hiring an exotic supercar is a quick and simple way to experience this luxury. Whether you're a reserved car enthusiast or a thrill seeker, there is a supercar for everyone.

We all want the time, space and money to have our own fleet of exotic supercars, but hiring them offers many advantages over outright ownership. Hiring an exotic supercar from PB Supercars allows you the chance to try out various models and find the perfect car for you. You can have all the joy and thrill without any of the headache of long-term commitment.

Why do you think exotic car hire is right for you?

Make a Statement

Supercars are head-turners, and getting seen in one is a real statement. If you’re wanting to make a noise, then there are some amazing designs that offer that wow factor. If you’re wanting to show a restrained elegance, then there are many makes and models that offer the performance with less of the ‘look at me’ flash.

Enjoy the Performance

Exotic supercars are designed to perform and getting behind the wheel is an exhilarating experience. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, then hiring an exotic car is a great way to get it. Some clients know hiring an exotic car is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we help provide the experience they will forever remember. Our clients are also no strangers to exotic car hire, but know the thrill of driving these amazing cars doesn't really diminish no matter how many times they hire one of our supercars.

Celebrate a special occasion

Hiring an exotic car is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or a graduation, driving an exotic car is a way to make the occasion even more memorable. Remember, the photos will be amazing!

Ferrari Prom Hire
Exotic Car Hire Celebrations
Exotic Ferrari Portofino Detail
Ferrari Prom Hire

To be around exciting and innovative design

All exotic supercars balance historical touches with truly breathtaking design. Very few objects we encounter these days can excite us in the way that supercars can. It can be the subtle way the Ferrari Portofino elegantly references past classics, or how the Mercedes AMG GTS looks like a caged animal flexing its muscles. Never mind driving these exotic supercars, just looking at them is enough to get the juices flowing.

To simply have fun

Sometimes, the best reason to hire an exotic car is simply to have a great time. If you're looking for a way to let loose and enjoy yourself, then hiring an exotic car is a great way to do it. There is nothing better than escaping the urban jungle and disappearing over the horizon into the depths of the UK countryside. There are some amazing routes around the UK and an exotic car hire is one of the best ways to experience what we have to offer.

Why is exotic car hire the best choice?

Access to Your Dream Car

Supercars will come with jaw-dropping price tags putting them out of reach for most people. That is the point of them. Hiring them however is an affordable and simple way to gain access to some of the most beautiful cars on the planet. You get to choose and you get to change your mind and experiment! Whether it's a sleek Ferrari, a luxurious Lamborghini, or a sophisticated Bentley, hiring an exotic car allows you to indulge your supercar fantasies with minimal risk.


Buying an exotic car will involve significant investment. Not only do they cost a lot, they also need maintenance, insurance, and storage. These costs can soon add up and take the gloss off the experience. However, if you hire an exotic supercar from PB Supercars, all those worries are ours and we just hand you the keys for you to enjoy.

Test-driving Potential Exotic Supercar Purchases

If you are considering buying a supercar, then hiring one prior to purchase can be a good idea. Our short-term rentals or short term lease options provide an opportunity to test-drive the car thoroughly and get a feel for its performance, features, and overall driving experience. We find this hand-on experience helps those in the market for a supercar make informed choices making sure they get the right car for them.

Supercars offer an unforgettable driving experience and we do hope everyone finds the right car for them. Contact us here at PB Supercars today and allow us to help you find yours.

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