Meet the Supercar Hire Team

Peter Browning - Owner

Peter commenced PB Supercar Hire's journey almost by accident- Since the late 80's Peter has been developing property in the UK and Spain and always had a love of supercars. In 2004 he bought a Ferrari 360 Modena from Ferrari HR Owen in London. The following 2 years saw a strong demand from his friends and family to borrow the car at weekends usually offering to pay, or offer him a weekend in their villa, or to a free meal if he was not using the Ferrari himself, of course he was, but he soon picked up on the point that people were willing to pay to hire supercars and that there was a steady demand with no one satisfying this demand. Over the following few months Peter spent his spare time setting up the website, organising the all important correct self drive hire, securing premises originally in Canada Water, East London SE16 2XB and most importantly, buying another 2 cars to add to the Ferrari 360 Modena he already owned- A Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe and Aston Martin DB9 Coupe, making a starting supercar hire fleet of 3. Over the subsequent years this has fluctuated between 10-16 supercars with PB Supercar Hire having hired to over 5500 satisfied customers. While Peter still owns PB Supercar Hire, he has long left the day to day running to his team of experienced and competent staff and now spends his time between London, Miami and Spain managing his property company.

Andrew Calf - Operations Manager

Andrew Calf - PB Supercars Operations Manager

Andrew has been with PB Supercar since 2010 and has been entrusted by Peter with the day to day running of PB Supercar Hire. Andrew is a true petrol head, having raced karts since the age of 5 and progressing to lower levels of professional motor sports in his younger days and more recently as a motorsport driving instructor. There is nothing Andrew does not know about supercars and the supercar hire industry in particular. Under Peter's guidance Andrew is responsible for the growth of PB Supercar Hire. Andrew is always on hand to advise and help you with your hire 24 hours a day.

Sally Goade - Accounts

Sally works part time at PB Supercar Hire, juggling her time between supercar hire paperwork and babies, having just had twins.

Jack Martin - Supercar Preparation and Valeting Manager

Jack Martin PB Supercars Supercar Preparation

Jack will ensure your supercar hire experience starts off in the best possible way. He ensures the supercars are pristinely cleaned and valeted 30 minutes before your arrival at our onsite car wash and valeting facility.

Alex Travkeis - Supercar Preparation and Valeting

Alex Travkeis PB Supercars Supercar Preparation

Alex works alongside Jack in our car preparation and wash facility.

Valentino Lake - Supercar Preparation and General Maintenance

Val works alongside George and Alex but is also responsible for minor maintenance of the supercars we have for hire.

Mourad Kane - Logistics and Supercar Delivery

Mourad Kane PB Supercars Logistics and Supercar Delivery

Mourad is in charge of vehicle logistics and ensuring the supercars are where they are supposed to be at the correct time!