Supercar Hire Club and Membership

Up to £14000 of FREE hires per year on a simple
Pay as you Drive membership
No complicated points systems No upfront fees, No Monthly Fees and No Joining Fees
Limited membership numbers so cars are always available when needed

Becoming a member of PB Supercar Hire is simple - There are no joining fees, no monthly fees, no upfront fees, no complicated points systems, no winter/summer rates, no annoyance that cars you have paid for in advance are never available when you want them, but instead just a simple pay as you drive hire but at 35% discounted rates for your loyalty.

Membership places are limited to 20 members at any one time, so cars are pretty much always available when you want them, and if not, while disappointing at least it has not cost you anything as it’s a pay per drive membership!

How its works

Upon application we set an agreed minimum spend dependent upon your budget for hires over the following year. This can be anything between £6000 and £40000. Once you have hired to value of your minimum spend we will then top this up by 35%, so for example if you agree to spend £10000 with us, we will then give you a further £3500 of free hires, if you agree to spend £40000 we will give you a further £14000. 

Upon joining we ask that you pay 25% of your total agreed minimum spend to act as booking deposit for the hires you have committed to during your membership (if you know any of the dates you can reserve them now or just do so as and when needed through out the year, there is no minimum notice period), you then simply pay the remaining 75% of each hire on the day when you hire just like any standard non member hire. Once you have hired to the value of your minimum spend you can use your FREE 35% for any further bookings through out the membership year.

This membership is designed to suit those who want to hire often but for short periods of time. If you are looking to regularly hire for longer periods then it may be cheaper for you to look at our long term hires and short term leasing options for fixed periods on a specific car. 

There are 2 hire periods available with this membership: Monday 3 pm to Friday 11am (4 days) and Friday 12 pm to Monday 2pm (3 days). 

Example Table Showing Varying Agreed Minimum Spends 

The Minimum spend can be any amount you choose between £6000-£40000


Your Yearly Spend 35% FREE Hire Value  Total Value of Hire
 (Your cost + PB Free Hires)
Average amount of 4 day hire
 dependent on car
£6000 £2100 £8100 2-9 hires
£12000 £4200  £16200 5-18 hires
£24000 £8400 £32400 9-36 hires
£40000 £14000 £54000 15-60 hires

Please contact us on 0207 241 6854 for more details

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PB Supercars are proud to have hired to over 6000 satisfied supercar enthusiasts with amazing customer reviews.

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