Company History

PB Supercar hire is a simple, cost effective, reliable, and most importantly, friendly supercar hire company. We are not all about taking your money and charging the most we can - we care about our cars, we care about your supercar hire experience - we are a supercar hire company operated by supercar enthusiasts for supercar enthusiasts, and we thrive on customers referrals. Today 70% of all our hires come from either referrals or repeat hirers, something we are very proud of. 

PB Supercar Hire is not a hire broker and owns its entire fleet, we can therefore guarantee the availability and condition of our supercars. So unlike many of the new age of "brokers" that have appeared on the scene you will not be disappointed or have to rearrange the dates of your rental, or be told that the supercar you want or booked is no longer available for your specified dates. We are a small personal team based in Canary Wharf East, London, who want to spend time speaking with you and guiding you carefully through the whole process and what is best for your needs. If you have time and wanted, we would sit and discuss supercars for hours! Our mission is to ensure you have the best experience right from your initial enquiry to the end of the hire, and will go out of our way to ensure you receive this. There have been many UK hire companies that come, and go, just as quickly as they appear- all because they don't understand ours is a niche market and it's all about customer service, repeat business and value for money, all of which are built on reputation and trust. 

Our ethos to super car hire has, and always will be to provide the best all round UK experience based around customer service, knowledge of the industry, reliability, customer satisfaction, and of course hire prices. We have and always will be the most cost effective company in London and the UK. We can guarantee this as we actually own the supercars ourselves- we are not brokers or middlemen who come to "proper" companies like PBSH London and then re offer our supercars at greatly inflated prices. 

As the supercars are all owned outright by PBSH UK, there are no expensive finance payments to make each month and we always buy the supercars when they are 12 months old to avoid that killer depreciation. All this enables us to keep hire costs down and offer the cheapest prices in the UK. Ok so you could hire a brand new 500 mile car from another London based company but pay 40% more in hire fees than at PBSH, so that they can cover their finance and depreciation costs. Our supercars are the latest models with private number plates. You have to ask yourself, would you rather pay £3500 for a weekend hire in a supercar or £2500 for the same car with the same, if not better, level of customer service? 

Whether you want to hire a cheap supercar for the day to drive around London, hire a supercar for the weekend to explore Essex, Kent, Sussex, or perhaps Middlesex, or use our cheap options for an extended motoring holiday throughout the UK and Europe. PBSH London has the ideal range of super car hire options available for you whatever your taste in supercars. Maybe you have recently sold you own car and fancy an extended month's hire, then our long term and short term leasing options are sure to satisfy your needs. 

PBSH has been operating in the UK since 2006, when Peter Browning saw a large gap in the market for a reliable, cost effective London hire company that operated on a pay per drive basis, rather than the supercar clubs that existed at the time. He saw the fatal flaw of the supercar club - everyone always wanted the same cars at the same time and that members were becoming increasingly frustrated after paying annual membership fees of over £30,000, then they could never get the drive supercar they wanted, when they wanted. Peter thought it was far better value and customer service to build up a loyal "membership" base that allowed his customers to choose how often they hired, dependant on budget and availability. 

PBSH commenced it journey almost by accident- Peter Browning had loved and cherished his Ferrari 360 Modena Coupe since he bought it in 2004 from Ferrari HR Owen in London. The following 2 years saw a strong demand from his friends and family to borrow the car at weekends usually offering to pay, or offer him a weekend in their villa, or to a free meal if he was not using the Ferrari himself, of course he was, but he soon picked up on the point that people were willing to pay to hire supercars and that there was a steady demand with no one satisfying this demand in London and the UK. Over the following few months he spent his spare time setting up the website, organising the all important correct self drive hire, securing premises originally in Canada Water, East London SE16 2XB, before moving to the current larger premises at 571 Cable Street, London, E1W 3EP, and most importantly, buying another 2 cars to add to the Ferrari 360 Modena he already owned- A Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe and Aston Martin DB9 Coupe, making a starting super car hire fleet of 3. Over the subsequent years this has fluctuated between 12-29 supercars with PBSH having hired to over 5500 satisfied customers. 

At PBSH, if you want to hire a supercar for a day or any period for that matter and it’s available you simply pay for that period, if it's not available then you are not left with a sour taste in your mouth that you had paid a massive annual fee but could not get the supercar you wanted. This type of pay as you go formula around London and the UK also prevents the over complicated points system and other pitfalls of the annual membership. Peter's theory proved right. 

Aston Martin Vantage Audi R8 Mercedes AMG Bentley Bentyaga

London Location 

We are based in Canary Wharf, East London, E14 just off the A13 by the Limehouse Link, meaning hiring a supercar is very easy. Our London location is ideally placed to cater for the finance district of the City of London and Canary Wharf, and with the tube, DLR and overground stations just 2 minutes walk away, access to us from West London, North London and South London is easy. If you hire our Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8 for example, we have secure parking so you can leave your car with us. Being based just off the A13 gives a very quick and easy route in and out of London in to Essex and Kent, with the M11 and M25 opening up the route to the home counties of Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. We also can offer delivery in central London if you prefer your Bentley Continental GTC to be delivered. Generally most of our clients are based within 100 miles or so from London but we do offer hires to the whole of the UK. 

Driver Age 

To hire a supercar such as our Ferrari California, most London and UK companies require the driver to be over 30, or at least 28. Although PBSH also started out with our age barriers at 30, we have over the years developed and nurtured a good relationship with our insurers. We have demonstrated to the insurers a reliable trustworthy business which has allowed us to offer anyone over 25 the chance to hire any of our supercars. This means that more people can enjoy driving our Lamborghini Huracan around the streets of West London - a supercar known for outstanding performance and jaw dropping design. Our Lamborghini Huracan hire will leave a permanent smile on your face and if you hire our Lamborghini for a super car hire experience you will never forget it! On the other hand you may be a McLaren fanatic, in which case if you hire our McLaren 570S supercar you will witness a completely driver-centric and performance oriented hire, with a 0-60 of 3.1 seconds. Hiring this supercar is going to make you feel like a superstar. 

London Supercar Hire or Supercar Ownership? 

 When you hire a supercar we relieve you of the burdens of supercar ownership meaning depreciation, insurance, servicing and storage all cease to be a concern; allowing you to enjoy your London Lamborghini Hire, experience without worrying about the maintenance costs. Our mission is that you experience driving the most exclusive supercars. PBSH is able to offer Aston Martin Hire, Audi Hire, Bentley Hire, Ferrari Hire, Jaguar Hire, Lamborghini Hire, Maserati Hire, McLaren Hire, Mercedes Hire, Porsche Hire, Range Rover Hire, and Rolls Royce Hire and other prestige cars classed within the supercar bracket. 

 Our UK service will take you wherever you need in complete luxury and style. If you hire our Audi R8 in Essex it will be a magnificent experience. Hire the Audi R8 V10 supercar and pop down the top to listen to the wonderful R8 V10 engine behind you, while feeling at one with your surroundings. Our R8 V10 rental options in London will make it a day to remember. Or perhaps hire our Bentley Continental GT supercar and arrive in style in a Essex pub. Our Bentley Continental GT hire car is a stunning looking supercar and the prefect solution for wedding car hire. The Bentley Continental GT Coupe's wonderful flowing lines and effortless style make it one of the most beautiful supercars we have to hire and is at the top of our luxury car hire fleet. Our Bentley super car hire options are sure to impress. Whichever super car you choose to use for your prestige car hire solution you will receive pristine vehicles owned and maintained by us, impeccable service, and the most knowledgeable helpful staff that will make your sports car hire experience memorable. Or fleet of supercars are perfect to use for prom car hire with most models falling in the exotic car hire bracket. Our prices are guaranteed to be the cheapest in London and the UK, and we also have some great supercar hire offers for those looking for last minute deals 

You can hire a supercar for a day or longer. Our single day super car hire is relatively cheap and starts from just £300, which is ideal for a blast around the Essex or Kent countryside, with 4 day weekend starting from as little as £900. If you prefer something longer we can hire you a supercar for a full week from £1380 and a full month's for just £3500, and the longer you hire your supercar the cheaper it gets. All of our prices and vehicles include road-side assistance along with fully comprehensive self-drive hire insurance, throughout UK as well as Europe if needed so if you fancy hiring our Bentley Continental GTC for a long cruise it’s the perfect cheap super car hire option and a sports cabriolet worthy of the GT name

Fearri California Ferarri 458 Lamborghini Huracan Mclaren 570

Supercar Depreciation

 How much do our supercars depreciate has to be one of the most asked questions by hirers, or by anyone who wants to earn some quick cash by investing in a supercar. Depreciation is something to consider when thinking about the choice of ownership against hire. Many factors affect the value of any supercar, but some are more specific and relevant to supercars, and also might help you decide which avenue yopu wanted to go down. 

Obviously this whole question is centred on numbers but one key issue is, how many of them were produced? A car such as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione would be a good example of a sound investment in this sense. When these were first produced they had a price tag of around £110,000, but there were only 500 produced. This limited availability means that as the years go by, exclusivity will rise. Even now you might expect to get £139,000, that’s a profit of just over 26%! 

This is a classic concern for any car owners, not just supercars and is never more important when it comes time to sell. Naturally, if you have been using your McLaren MP4-12C to pop out for a pint of milk and everyday use then this will apply to you but otherwise it’s largely irrelevant. Supercars are generally a luxury and not a car for everyday use unlike your Picasso, let that rack up the mileage instead. 

This almost goes without saying but if you take the case of a model such as the Lamborghini Gallardo you might be surprised to hear that it’s becoming harder to find one in good condition, probably because a couple of them were crashed. A sound investment of £90,000 could see you shoot into profit potentially. 

 Like anything, if you let it go to waste then it will be just that, waste. A supercar requires attention and care. So, if you are hoping to make it last then make sure you aren’t casting it aside, especially if you want to be making profits similar to the likes of Chris Evans who seems to have a keen eye for a supercar investment. 

Quick Checklist When Choosing A Super Car Hire Company

 • Check they have premises that are clearly sign posted by either Google maps or visiting them
• Do a quick Google check on them- check reviews etc
• Look at the fleet on their website in particular making sure they use actual pictures of the car not generic library stock
• Check they actually own the cars and are not brokers or middlemen
• Never pay more than 25% of the price upon booking
• Never pay the damage deposit on booking
• Never meet them away from their premises
• Never let price or the deal they are offering outweigh the basic principles above
• Always sign a contract
• Always check the supercar over and video it or take pictures on check out 

If you follow these simple rules your hire will be an experience you will never forget for all the right reasons! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Supercar
Hiring a supercar allows you to drive the nicest, most luxurious cars in the world for a fraction of the cost of actually buying one, but what are the best reasons to hire a supercar in London? 

1. To Make an Impression Hiring a supercar is a great way to make a really great first impression. Whether it’s an important business meeting in West London that means you want to emit a professional air or if it’s a first date in Essex and you want to show your date how successful you are. 

2. When travelling to keep home comforts If you are lucky enough to own a supercar but you have to travel around abroad a lot, you may want to maintain the high standard of vehicle you drive. Hiring a supercar when you visit London is often cheaper if you get them for longer periods of time, making this a worthwhile option to allow you to carry on travelling in style whilst you’re in a different land. 

3. Road trip! Need to drive across country and leave London? Want to do it in style? Why not hire a supercar? This is available at reasonable daily rates so if you need to get somewhere further afield than Kent, Essex or Surrey in a day then you might as well do it in comfort and in style! PBSH have plenty of hire options for both 2 seat and 4 seat supercars, so depending on how many of you there are, you can take our R8 or Ferrari California for your road trip. 

4. Gifts If you have a relative who loves supercars or is just a bit of a petrol head, then hiring a supercar for a few days is a sure fire way to give them a gift they will never forget. Allowing them to drive their own Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bentley or other supercar around London for a few days will be an amazing gift – just make sure you prepare yourself for all of the pictures with the car that will appear on facebook. 

5. Because you want to If you have the money spare, why not? Driving a supercar is a luxury that should be savoured and if you can afford to have the experience then you definitely should. It doesn’t matter whether you have it for a day, weekend or month, it will provide you with an amazing experience that you’ll be keen to repeat! .

Years of Dedicated Great Service

PB Supercars are proud to have hired to over 6000 satisfied supercar enthusiasts with amazing customer reviews.

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